Creem is a main character in the Meelk n' Creem franchise, voiced by BaconMahBoi.


Being the younger one of the duo, Creem is a bit more childish than Meelk. However, he has a fairly short temper. He is loyal to King Iyce Creem, and loves to have fun.


Being a tub of cream, Creem is obviously drawn like one. His creem is a light yellow colour and he has a purple peel-off lid.


No OutfitEdit

His most common appearance.

Training OutfitEdit

When training, Creem wears a pair of red fingerless gloves,

Bedtime OutfitEdit

When he is asleep, Creem wears a large top with a picture of a robotic dinosaur on it.


With MeelkEdit

Creem and Meelk are best friends, so he has a very strong friendship with him. They get on very well together and Creem looks up to him as an example.

With King Iyce CreemEdit

As said, Creem is loyal to KIC, and gets along well with him just like Meelk.

With Queen KickbackEdit

Creem and Queen Kickback share hatred toward each other, as Creem always easily defeats her ninjas with his whip.

With the NinjasEdit

Creem and the Ninjas hate each other, though Creem always wins the battle against him.


  • Creem was originally voiced by Son of Hat, though the role was switched to series creator BaconMahBoi,