Meelk is a main character in the Meelk n' Creem franchise, voiced by Son of Hat.


Meelk acts as the "older brother" of the main two, being slightly more serious but is still childish and fun-loving. He is very loyal to King Iyce Creem and likes to get to the front of the battles against the Ninjas. However, not eaing pasta, his favourite food, for a while can put him into a stage of insanity.


Meelk is obviously a milk bottle. His milk is a pale yellow colour and he has a green bottle top. 


No OutfitEdit

His most common appearance, simply looking the same as usual.

Ninja OutfitEdit

While doing training Meelk wears a black belt around his waist and a small white belt around his bottle top.

Bedtime OutfitEdit

When he is asleep, Meelk sports a blue-purple onesie with stars on it.


With CreemEdit

Meelk and Creem are best friends, so he has a very strong friendship with him. They get on very well together.

With King Iyce CreemEdit

As said, Meelk is very loyal towards King Iyce Creem, and is good friends with him.

With Queen KickbackEdit

Meelk and Queen Kickback share a huge hatred toward each other, and often go against each other during battles.

With the NinjasEdit

Meelk also shares a hatred with the Ninjas, often beating them to a pulp.


  • Meelk's milk colour has got darker throughout the series.
  • Meelk, along with Creem, is one of the mascots for Kellogs' Meelk n' Creem cereal.
  • A magazine centered around him, The Merry Meelk Komiks, is on sale.